Why a Leaky Roof Is a Dangerous Roof

A leaky roof is a very dangerous roof. The fact that it can take you ages before you realize that your roof is leaking makes things worse. Some major signs of a leaky roof include water leaking into your interior and a missing shingle. This means by the time you see these signs, you’ve suffered significant water damage in your home.

Leaking doesn’t only cause structural damage. It can also cause severe safety and health risks. 

Damage to Drywall

A drywall separates different rooms in your home. Hence, it should be well protected. If water intrusion has damaged the ceiling and attic insulation, it may permeate to the drywall. The drywall can get damp and soggy. The wall can buckle and collapse if the problem is not rectified on time. Signs of mold build-up or discolored walls are signs of serious leakage. This should be treated as an emergency. 

Structural Damage 

One of the major consequences of water damage or leaky roofs is a collapsed ceiling. Unfortunately, discerning a collapsing ceiling is challenging, except for detecting dark mold spots. Therefore, you should consult an expert for professional roof inspection when you spot mold. Other structural damage includes damaged wall framing, ceiling hoists, rafters, and fascia boards.

Increased Energy Consumption

Effective attic insulation plays a crucial role in insulating your residence. This contributes significantly to the reduction of HVAC system operational costs. A leaky roof affects heat flow into your home. As a result, your home can be too cold or hot depending on the weather. A leaky roof can make your house colder by increasing humidity as the walls absorb water. 

Your home’s HVAC system is forced to operate more frequently to control and stabilize indoor temperatures. As a result, your energy consumption is increased, causing you to spend extra cash on utility bills. 

A leaky roof threatens both you and those living under your roof. At HighMark Roofing & Construction, we offer dependable roof inspection and repair for leaky roofs. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.

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